Front Dashboard

RoyalTickets theme comes with built front end Dashboard. It has pages for admin as well for vendors and buyers. If you chose to import demo it will have the front end pages imported and already setup. For the case you want to built the demo by yourself here’s the list of the front dashboard pages you need to create:

  • Dashboard
  • Add Event
  • Add Ticket
  • Earnings
  • Events
  • Tickets
  • Purchased Tickets
  • Invoices
  • All Payouts
  • Payouts
  • Pending Events
  • Pending Tickets
  • Pending Payouts
  • Request Payout
  • Users
  • Settings

To create a front end page you just follow the usual page creation steps and select the page template.


My Events

Add new Event

My Tickets

Add New Ticket

Purchased Tickets


Pending Events

Pending Tickets

Pending Payouts


Payouts (My Payouts)

All Payouts (Only for Admin)